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„Paris Rebelle – between a swing to the right and a revolt“

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In September 2016 our documentary „Paris Rebelle – between a swing to the right and a revolt“ had its‘ premiere at the BAIZ bar in Berlin.
By now, the film has been screened several times in Berlin and other German cities, hosted by various groups and political initiatives.

„Paris Rebelle“ has attracted huge interest and encouraged debates on the latest political events in France. In the meantime we created subtitles in German, English and French so that the documentary can also be presented to an international public audience.

„Paris Rebelle“ is now available on VIMEO for stream and download. The film can be watched, stored and screened by everyone.

Note: The filming of „Paris Rebelle“ was finished in June 2016. The documentary examines various interlinked topics from a leftist perspective, without any claim to completeness. It aims to inspire people to follow up on the political events in France and to get informed. Also our work wants to provide activists with strength, courage and food for thought for their worldwide struggles.

Stream with subtitles: GER, EN & FRZ

Channel on Vimeo: vimeo.com/channels/parisrebelle

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  • Paris Rebelle – Zwischen Rechtsruck und Revolte

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